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Thank you for your interest in joining the Foothills Amateur Radio Club

Please fill out this online application or you can print out one and mail email it to us if you prefer.


I, the undersigned petitioner for membership understand and agree to all rules and regulations stated in the Foothills Amateur Radio Club by-laws and rules regulating membership found herein the membership application. I further release any an all liability of the Foothills Amateur Radio Club, for any and all incidents including pain, suffering and loss of income to me and my family while on property owned, leased or borrowed by Foothills Amateur Radio Club, including any and all Club Sponsored events.

Dues are to be paid at the time of petition (Rates are) Regular membership ($15/year). Additional amateurs living in member’s household (spouse), (son or daughter under 21 years of age $5/year). Senior citizens ($10/year). Associate member (only if studying for a license (one year term) $10/year.

Membership petition process includes one full member sponsor, your petition and a 30 day probation period for investigation by members of the club. Membership petitions are read in club meetings (online or in person) and voted on at the next meeting.

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    Optionally, download the form and print it – send it to our mailing address found on the contact page: